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Kaiser Permanente STP presented by Alaska Airlines
Coming from out of town? Our presenting sponsor, Alaska Airlines, is offering discount flights to registered riders .

Saturday, July 14- Sunday, July 15, 2018

This 200+mile bicycle ride is the largest multi-day bicycle event in the Northwest, with up to 10,000 participants riding from Seattle to Portland in one or two days. The route takes you through the scenic valleys, forests, and farmlands of western Washington and Oregon. Come ride what Bicycling Magazine has listed as one of the best cycling events in the nation!

Participants can choose to ride the event in one day or two! The midway point of the 203 mile course is Centralia/Chehalis, and Centralia College hosts the "official midpoint" and largest free camping location (Chehalis Recreation park is the second largest).However, two-day riders can stay as far away as Kelso, WA (150 miles on day one) and a whole lot of greatpoints in between.STP day one is choose your own adventure based on how far you want to rideand local community groups and non profits provide housing, meals, and a whole lot of fun no matter where you choose to stay.See the lodging page for details.There are not many hotels on course, and the veteran riders often sell them out prior to the event even opening.We do not advertise these places, as we always encourage folks to give back to the communities through which we ride and providing food, accommodation, and services is a major fundraiser for communities along the route.

The STP is a major economic boost to the area, and in addition to a lot of fundraising along the route, your registration fee not only supports Cascade Bicycle Club in its mission to improve lives through bicycling, but also contributes approximately$100,000 every year to schools, non-profits, and other community groups who provide direct services to our free food stops and at our Finish Line.


Fun Facts:

2018 Ride Guide

Click to view or download a PDF fo the 2018 Ride Guide.

Who does your registration fee support?

The Kaiser Permanente Seattle to Portland presented by Alaska Airlines is a joint fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club and WA Bikes – profits are shared equally. Your STP ride registration makes Washington a better place for people riding bikes:

Our events are made possible with support from the local communities through which we ride. In addition to supporting Cascade’s programs, your registration fee helps Cascade give back to these communities and the organizations that thrive there. We’re grateful for all their continued support.

Thanks to our Title Sponsor

We’re excited to announce Kaiser Permanenteas the title sponsor of the 39th Annual Kaiser Permanente Seattle to Portland presented by Alaska Airlines! We’re thrilled and grateful to have Kaiser Permanente’s support on the road to Portland.

Thanks to our Presenting Sponsor

We’re excited to welcome back Alaska Airlines for their fourth year as presenting sponsor of this year’s event. Alaska invites you to start exploring at 30,000 feet. Your journey becomes part of the adventure as you stream entertainment directly to your device, enjoy food offerings from the Pacific Northwest, and relax in their custom, leather, power-equipped seats. Their award-winning service and in-flight experience are designed to exceed your travel expectations.

better and safer bicycle infrastructure

Phone: 312-945-TEST (8378)

Software Testing and QA - harnessing the power of neurodiversity since 2008
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CHAPEL HILL, NC (January 8, 2014) – As the U.S. prepares for a tsunami of young adults with autism who will enter the job market over the next decade, autism specialists and business leaders will assemble in Chapel Hill, NC on January 27-29 for the first summit to press for more small businesses solutions to what is already an unemployment crisis affecting tens of thousands of these individuals.

Convened by Extraordinary Ventures, Inc. (EV) , a North Carolina non-profit organization that is a pioneer in creating small businesses that employ adults across the autism spectrum, the summit – – is especially timely now that 90% of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are either unemployed or underemployed and an estimated 500,000 additional Americans with ASD will be seeking employment over the next decade. Because today’s job market is unprepared for this wave of prospective employees, the conference will showcase 14 of the most innovative small business models now employing these workers to elevate the role of local entrepreneurs and small businesses as a critical solution to the autism job gap.

“For the autism community, this national conference is nothing short of the turning point in addressing the unemployment crisis now affecting tens of thousands of adults with autism and realizing their potential as truly successful and contributing members of society,” said Gregg Ireland, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Counselor at Capital World Investors and father of a 23-year old son with autism who founded Extraordinary Ventures in 2007. “Especially during a time of budget tightening and federal and state government cut-backs, the answer to this problem rests with us and our commitment to advocate for small business solutions across the country. The goal is to spark a national movement where an increasing number of small businesses and entrepreneurs create self-sustaining businesses to meet the needs of their local residents while providing a range of jobs that match the skills of people with autism and developmental disabilities.”

To build the case for small business solutions to the unemployment crisis affecting adults with autism,the conference will focus on the strategies used by the leading innovators in the field, such as EV, that without government funding operates five different businesses, or “Ventures,” which collectively employ 40 young adults with autism or a developmental disability in the Chapel Hill area. After trying and failing to sustain its operations through a traditional non-profit structure, EV assembled a team of recent college graduates – entrepreneurs seeking to create a suite of small micro-businesses – and transformed a struggling start-up into an effective and profitable company that operates backwards from traditional models, structuringeach “Venture” around the tasks that young adults with autism are capable of doing, such as businesses where there is a specified flow and series of routine steps. This means mapping out all the tasks required to operate a successful business, then laying out each step in the process and providing employees with the visual cues, diagrams and other tools so they can follow these steps.

“EV was founded on the core belief that adults with autism and developmental disabilities are capable of holding a job and doing meaningful work, and what our employees are accomplishing every day is proof that this is true,” Ireland explained. “Regardless of whether they are high, mid- or lower-functioning employees, EV offers each employee a job based on what he or she can contribute to the business. Our business proposition is to break everything down, organize each business operation to fit our workers, and not to be afraid of risk or to try something new.”

Currently, EV runs a thriving laundry service for students attending the University of North Carolina, operates a transit bus cleaning operation that works five days a week, rents space at its headquarters building for meetings and social events, produces and markets premium handmade scented candles sold in gift shops, Whole Foods and online, and operates an office solutions service. Cited by Autism Speaks as one of America’s leading small business models for employing adults with autism, this sustainable business model is proving so successful in Chapel Hill that groups in New York and Detroit are replicating the model and other communities may soon follow suit.

Along with EV, the conference will feature the successes of a range of non-profit organizations and small businesses that are using entrepreneurial principles to provide employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum. Organizations that will be featured are:

“While these small business solutions are different in size and approach, each already has far-reaching effects and can be replicated or customized to create the ripple effect needed for real change,” Ireland said. “On a national scale, EV and the other businesses that will be highlighted at this conference offer realistic models for any community seeking to expand job opportunities for adults with autism and developmental disabilities.”

Extraordinary Ventures designed in collaboration with the Adult Services team at Autism Speaks and the University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program. As the meeting takes place, media and interested stakeholders can follow the discussion on Twitter using #AutismEntrepreneurs.

Aspiritech , headquartered in Chicago, which employs high-functioning adults with autism as part of a workforce that conducts domestic software testing and provides other quality assurance (QA) services

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This selects the bus number for looking for an I2C barometer

GND_SPEC_GRAV: Specific Gravity (For water depth measurement)

This sets the specific gravity of the fluid when flying an underwater ROV.

GND_FLTR_RNG: Range in which sample is accepted

This sets the range around the average value that new samples must be within to be accepted. This can help reduce the impact of noise on sensors that are on long I2C cables. The value is a percentage from the average value. A value of zero disables this filter.

GPS type

GPS type of 2nd GPS

Navigation filter engine setting

Automatic switchover to GPS reporting best lock

Sets the minimum type of differential GPS corrections required before allowing to switch into DGPS mode.

This sets the SBAS (satellite based augmentation system) mode if available on this GPS. If set to 2 then the SBAS mode is not changed in the GPS. Otherwise the GPS will be reconfigured to enable/disable SBAS. Disabling SBAS may be worthwhile in some parts of the world where an SBAS signal is available but the baseline is too long to be useful.

This sets the minimum elevation of satellites above the horizon for them to be used for navigation. Setting this to -100 leaves the minimum elevation set to the GPS modules default.

The GGS can send raw serial packets to inject data to multiple GPSes.

Masked with the SBP msg_type field to determine whether SBR1/SBR2 data is logged

Handles logging raw data; on uBlox chips that support raw data this will log RXM messages into dataflash log; on Septentrio this will log on the equipment’s SD card and when set to 2, the autopilot will try to stop logging after disarming and restart after arming

Bitmask for what GNSS system to use on the first GPS (all unchecked or zero to leave GPS as configured)

Determines whether the configuration for this GPS should be written to non-volatile memory on the GPS. Currently working for UBlox 6 series and above.

Bitmask for what GNSS system to use on the second GPS (all unchecked or zero to leave GPS as configured)

Controls if the autopilot should automatically configure the GPS based on the parameters and default settings

Controls how often the GPS should provide a position update. Lowering below 5Hz is not allowed

X position of the first GPS antenna in body frame. Positive X is forward of the origin. Use antenna phase centroid location if provided by the manufacturer.

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